19 April 2015


After many failed attempts to plan a day trip to the Blue Mountains, we finally took the journey into Leura and Katoomba. The train trip from Sydney is two hours, but I have to say it's pretty enjoyable. Once you get to the Blue Mountains, there are gorgeous views outside the train window and the final destination is even better. 
On arrival into Leura, we headed straight for The Candy Store (which was super awesome seing as they stocked L&P and Hershey's Kisses - my favourites). We returned here after lunch (naturally) because of course, we needed to stock up on sugar for our trip home in the afternoon.
We had lunch at the Red Door Cafe where, after three attempts at finding a table that had regular chairs instead of stools, I had an incredible goats cheese and caramelised onion tart and enjoyed myself as I watched Clare attempt to eat that ginormous sandwich. 
A five minute train ride away, we made it to tourist central (perhaps more commonly known as Katoomba). I've been a few times, but each time I'm blown away by the view at Echo Point. The view is incredibly peaceful, despite the extreme amount of tourists armed with selfie sticks. 
Francesca's quote of the day: "They're just rocks"

This man offered Georgea his binoculars then handed her a booklet on Christianity. I love people.

Btw, how awesome is Clare's phone case?
I hope you had a peachy weekend,
Lizzy xo

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