21 September 2015


Five and a half years ago, I sat on the steps of a corner store with my school supplied stationary pack and an utterly dorky pair of mary janes on my feet. Year seven was the real deal. There were to be no story times here and absolutely no bickering over who got the handball courts at recess. We were big kids, and there was a whole new world waiting for us to explore. 

On Thursday I graduated High School. Thirteen years of pre-determined toilet breaks and strict rules about where my skirt was supposed to sit are officially over. And that's both incredibly exciting and absolutely freaking terrifying. In some ways, it still doesn't feel like school is over - it kinda just feels like I'm on school holidays again, and in 3 weeks I'll be back in a classroom being asked for another practice response. But really, I, and thousands of others, have gained a sense of freedom and that's pretty cool. 

Thursday was an awesome day. Our year 12 assembly was a success, we had an awesome time, we celebrated, we had a beautiful mass, we graduated. We cried. We took selfies with our teachers. And then we ambushed the internet with photos.  I feel so lucky to have spent the last five years with an incredible group of girls and to have had so many awesome teachers along the way. The last day was a great way to spend it with them, so thanks guys. You rock. 

I'll be applying to uni's within the next few weeks and then I'll have my final exams. Then I'll a vast amount of empty time to kill (five months to be precise...shiiiiiiit) so I want to try and post more on the blog. My mission is to take more photos and post some more photo diaries so stay tuned.Until then, I'll leave you with two photos from my last day. 
+ The beginning of our year twelve assembly, when in all the excitement a group of people managed to break the stage from jumping, creating a whole in the floor of the hall. lol. 

 + The sunrise shining over the playground hours before we graduated.

Lizzy xo