23 December 2015


Dearest 2015,

Right now it is the twenty third day of the last month. I have just eaten lunch and am about to head back to work.

This year you have brought me two new jobs: one which I loathe entirely, and one which (although is unpaid) I'm finding pretty darn good. I've started this blog, graduated high school, completed the HSC, been to some cool parties, met some new people, got a good ATAR, and applied for university. That's some pretty cool shit if you ask me.

But I'm still struggling to figure some stuff out. Particularly what the f*** I'm going to study at uni and what I want to do with my life. Can't you like, give me a sign or something?

Pfft...if only, hey?

There are things I was hoping to do this year that just didn't happen for me. Travel, mainly (gotta love fast food wages!), so as 2016 starts to roll in, I've got a couple of goals I want to achieve in the new year. Travel, study, and health are all things I really (like, seriously) want to focus on next year, and I promise you 2015, I will do my best to outdo what I've achieved with you.

Keen to greet 2016 with a smile and a whole lotta enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas and Cheers. It's been a good one.

Lizzy xo

8 December 2015


I had my first ever christmas tree experience today after we decided this year we should do christmas the proper way and get a real tree. We newbies had no clue that you had to get in early to reserve the good trees so wandered round the tree farm for half an hour before we found a lovely 7-footer. In good old aussie christmas fashion, we decorated it in the heat with the fan blasting in the living room...december is definitely here!
Already broke from xmas shopping but can't wait to see the reactions on people's faces...how are your celebrations going???
xo Lizzy

6 December 2015

year 12/hsc survival guide

So I recently completed the HSC (The equivalent of the SAT's or A-Levels for you non-Aussie folk). It was a struggle, it was difficult, it was all-round stressful. If you're in year 11, or are just starting year 12, you've probably heard every piece of study advice under the sun from teachers/parents/lecturers/study programs, but it seems to be that we lack advice from our peers before us who have actually had recent experience in this torture BOSTES has put before us. So here are some tips from me as to how you can work your way through the HSC and come out alive.

Someone out there feels your pain, and they've uploaded some useful shit

My class did shelter as one of the options for Legal Studies, which is possibly the worst decision the HSIE department ever made. Their reasoning behind such a callous decision was "well if we teach it well, we'll get ranked well because no one else does it!" Long story short, we were all stressing about not having info for our notes, until a week before our trial exams, somebody discovered an app full of SUPER helpful video tutorials...you've got no idea how stoked we all were to have discovered it! It's also worthwhile making an account on the Bored of Studies site...if you're ever in a jam this site will be your saviour.
*Click here to see the developer for said app on the App Store...you can find their apps for other subjects too

Practice Makes Perfect

If you do anything in preparation for anything, be it an exam or an assignment, hand in a draft. The feedback you get from a draft is priceless and will definitely boost your marks. In the case of assignments and in-class essays, there will often be restrictions on drafts. For example, you can only hand in one draft and only for one question. Don't just leave that offer hanging! The change in marks I saw in my senior years from finaly handing things in to my teacher for review was astounding. Put effort into a draft and submit it! Also, complete as many past papers from the BOSTES website as possible and hand extended responses in to your teacher.  Just do it. You got that?

Kick procrastination in the balls

Procrastination is something that I really struggled with and so does about 98% of the human population. There are lots of simple ways to overcome it, just don't wallow in self loathing if you cave! Self Control was my saviour. You create a blacklist of your most distracting sites and they'll be blocked for a certain time frame. What I like about this app is there is no way out of it - even if your turn computer the off, the timer will continue to run. Cruel, but necessary.

Don't leave things until the last minute

This one seems obvious, but it can be pretty difficult not to do. Add to your notes as you go along! Do yourself a favour a don't leave notes until 2 weeks before an exam. You'll be spoiling valuable time you could have spent studying.

Just take a chill pill

You're going to have those days where you think "what even is the point of life?" and you'll wish you could somehow gloriously defeat BOSTES but you've got to keep going! Meditating helped me a tonne. I'm no yogi, I just took 10 minutes out every now and again to chill. I'd totally recommend headspace, which talks you through a meditation exercise for just 10 minutes. It super easy and you feel great afterwards!