23 December 2015


Dearest 2015,

Right now it is the twenty third day of the last month. I have just eaten lunch and am about to head back to work.

This year you have brought me two new jobs: one which I loathe entirely, and one which (although is unpaid) I'm finding pretty darn good. I've started this blog, graduated high school, completed the HSC, been to some cool parties, met some new people, got a good ATAR, and applied for university. That's some pretty cool shit if you ask me.

But I'm still struggling to figure some stuff out. Particularly what the f*** I'm going to study at uni and what I want to do with my life. Can't you like, give me a sign or something?

Pfft...if only, hey?

There are things I was hoping to do this year that just didn't happen for me. Travel, mainly (gotta love fast food wages!), so as 2016 starts to roll in, I've got a couple of goals I want to achieve in the new year. Travel, study, and health are all things I really (like, seriously) want to focus on next year, and I promise you 2015, I will do my best to outdo what I've achieved with you.

Keen to greet 2016 with a smile and a whole lotta enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas and Cheers. It's been a good one.

Lizzy xo

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