16 December 2016


Every morning i wake to the blissful sounds of fast cars, airplanes flying overhead and, if i'm reeeeally lucky, our neighbours two streets away playing the bagpipes at 8am. It's just one of the amazing perks of city life. 

I love Sydney. I love the sense of multiculturalism, the arts culture, the beautiful beaches and harbours, etc. etc. etc. However sometimes you just need a break from a hustle. Mum has decided to move to the snowy mountains so we went down there for a mini camping trip to look at a couple properties. Annual ski trips here I coooooooome!!!!!

We camped in Dalgety, the loveliest little town on the Snowy River about half an hour out of Jindabyne. The scenery is something out of a fairytale book.

Chilling at Lake Jindabyne.

Although the fresh Snowy River water was doing wanders for Elton's coat, he was scaring off the platypus...nooooooooo come baaaack

5am country sunrises. 

There was a big bike race coming through the town - ba-dum-tish

Camping with the Troopie makes for an awesome time.

Lizzy xo

10 October 2016


It's reached a point in semester where everything is happening at once and you start to crumble inside and think "why in god's name did I come to uni why couldn't I have been accepted into Hogwarts someone plz help me".  Midnight trips home after slamming a 14 hour last-minute assessment session at uni have become the norm, fuelled only by Domino's pizza and copious amounts of energy drink. You'd have thought HSC would have prepared me for this. Apparently not.

On top of everything I've had thoughts of whether Design Computing is for me, considering a transfer to Law or Commerce (my original uni preferences). Sonia and I took an hour out this morning to look at ball dresses (the real problems tho) and I, deciding it's been far too long since I've taken my camera out (or posted on the blog...oops), thought I might go for a trip to the QVB on my way. 

Oh yeah, and just for the record, I loathe rhino3d. 

Told Sonia I'd meet her at Pitt Street Mall. Ditched the plan for photos from the Myer bridge.  

There's something I love about the tunnel leading to St. James Station. It somehow gives the generally sickening combination of yellow and green a quaint charm, and the symmetry that leads all the way down is RIDICULOUSLY pleasing to the eye.

10 June 2016


Everyday I'm at uni I'm discovering more and more how different life in the city is compared to that of the outskirts, and I've been so excited to show my new out-of-town friends just how wonderful Sydney really is. 

Every second year the City of Sydney holds the Biennale of Sydney, an art festival showcasing some fabulous installations all over the city, from the MCA, the Art Gallery of NSW and of course, Cockatoo Island. I must admit, the first time I visited the Biennale on Cockatoo Island in 2012 was probably the festival's best years to date. Having since lost funding, the festival seems to get smaller and smaller each year it's run. Either way, it's always an awesome day out. So naturally, I took my mates on a ferry ride through the harbour. Needless to say, they loved it.

Vivid Sydney has also just started, and fun fact: University of Sydney students (i.e. me) are involved this year with our films being displayed in Central Park Mall in Chippendale. If you're in the area, I highly suggest swinging by to check out the marine conservation films we stressed so much over. Also go to Circular Quay to see the best Sydney has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

xo Lizzy

22 March 2016


God 18 felt like such a trek. All my friends have been adults for a while, going out to clubs without me, drinking without me, doing lots. Without me. But my time has come and so far, adulthood is fan-bloody-tastic. Don't get me wrong, childhood was cool. Being a teenager was kinda meh, but I now have this sudden sense of independence and i-can-do-anything-ness that I'm really starting to love. 

Everything seems to be coming up roses lately. Starting uni has been this entirely new experience and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I love doing subjects that I'm interested in, and meeting people with similar interests. There are so few rules, and you have total control of what happens during your time there, and it's so, so great.  Since starting uni, I've started to feel a little better about myself and like I can do so much more. I feel more confident socially, I feel more confident in my own abilities, and have started to care slightly less about things I shouldn't even have been worrying about in the first place. 

I've met so many new and different people at university and it's kinda strange. My high school was pretty diversified - we had people who travelled from all over Sydney everyday to get to school and had a tonne of boarders from all different parts of the state - but we all seemed to be pretty similar in someway. Going to university, I've met people from places I've never really met people from before and people whose lives seem completely different to mine. I was speaking to a new friend who surprised me the other day by saying she had never really caught public transport before uni...it's crazy how I never realised how different it is living in inner Sydney. People always tell you "oh, you'll absolutely love uni!", but you'd never think going to school could be this enjoyable!

I hope things are peachy for you, I hope things are going to plan, and I hope you're having fun. 

Ministry of Sound @ UTS Underground

xo Lizzy

20 February 2016


At the end of February we decided to say goodbye to Sydney for a couple of days and chill on the beach at Nelson Bay. 4 days of swimming, walking, awesome landscapes and yummy steak sandwhiches at 'The Home Interior'. What more could you ask for?

We walked one kilometre UPHILL for rockstar views of Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay, Totally worth it. 

Went to Zenith Beach and learned how a boogie board is supposed to be used Childhood me was missing out by sticking to just bobbing above the water. 

Oh Nelson, you sexy thang.
Pizza dinner on the beach followed by sunset swims and dolphin spottings as the stars started to show their faces. 
If you ever find yourself in Nelson Bay, I can't recommend 'The Home Interior' enough for an awesome lunch (I recommend the open steak sandwich with beetroot relish) accompanied by a scrumptious iced mocha. If I could, I'd work there. Why'd you have to be 3 hours away???

xo Lizzy

15 February 2016


Australia Day: A day dedicated to sticky barbecues with the fam bam, long hours in the sun jamming to triple j, bogan pride (made evident by the OD of patriarchal temporary tattoos ) and (if you're in our family), a weistwurst + sauerkraut down by Sydney Harbour. 

This year we spent this fabulous day in the scorching sun, trecking it from the markets at The Rocks, around Circular Quay to the Opera House, through the Botanical Gardens then all the way to Darling Harbour - finishing the day with a beer and a ferry trip home (then mistaking my face for a lobster when I saw my sunburn in the mirror, but we don't need to get into that..).

I feel ashamed to admit that although I've been a Sydneysider for almost 18 years, I've only taken the time to visit the Opera house twice. 

Yep. Twice. And this was the second time.

Shameful, I know.  

So this time round, I made sure I took it all in - and let me tell you: it's spectacular. Simply looking up is mesmerizing and seeing it all up close is even better than from afar. Each time I visit the city I find myself more and more enchanted with the wonderful structures that there are to be found. Next time you're wondering around your home city, look up. You'll see a new, peaceful yet magnificent side of your home you've never seen before. 

xo Lizzy