7 January 2016


Recently I inherited an old film camera from my grandfather (after years of begging him for it, he finally caved). As practice for shooting on film, I documented some moments from my final week of school ever and today I collected the developed photos from the camera store. 

I am officially in love with film.

Shot on a Canon T70.

Our legal studies teacher threw us a CROC party featuring crocodile napkins (legal students will know ;)

Spending our last free and a lunchtime watching the Princess Diaries. Because the HSC was only in like a month. We shouldn't have been inside during lunch, and a teacher walked in at one point to tell whoever he thought was in the room off. But upon opening the door he looked at us, looked at the screen, and shut the door quietly as he gave us a "you shouldn't be in here, but let's just keep this one between you and me" look.

this is me. this is my bedroom. this is my eye doing a thing.

 xo Lizzy