20 February 2016


At the end of February we decided to say goodbye to Sydney for a couple of days and chill on the beach at Nelson Bay. 4 days of swimming, walking, awesome landscapes and yummy steak sandwhiches at 'The Home Interior'. What more could you ask for?

We walked one kilometre UPHILL for rockstar views of Nelson Bay and Shoal Bay, Totally worth it. 

Went to Zenith Beach and learned how a boogie board is supposed to be used Childhood me was missing out by sticking to just bobbing above the water. 

Oh Nelson, you sexy thang.
Pizza dinner on the beach followed by sunset swims and dolphin spottings as the stars started to show their faces. 
If you ever find yourself in Nelson Bay, I can't recommend 'The Home Interior' enough for an awesome lunch (I recommend the open steak sandwich with beetroot relish) accompanied by a scrumptious iced mocha. If I could, I'd work there. Why'd you have to be 3 hours away???

xo Lizzy

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