15 February 2016


Australia Day: A day dedicated to sticky barbecues with the fam bam, long hours in the sun jamming to triple j, bogan pride (made evident by the OD of patriarchal temporary tattoos ) and (if you're in our family), a weistwurst + sauerkraut down by Sydney Harbour. 

This year we spent this fabulous day in the scorching sun, trecking it from the markets at The Rocks, around Circular Quay to the Opera House, through the Botanical Gardens then all the way to Darling Harbour - finishing the day with a beer and a ferry trip home (then mistaking my face for a lobster when I saw my sunburn in the mirror, but we don't need to get into that..).

I feel ashamed to admit that although I've been a Sydneysider for almost 18 years, I've only taken the time to visit the Opera house twice. 

Yep. Twice. And this was the second time.

Shameful, I know.  

So this time round, I made sure I took it all in - and let me tell you: it's spectacular. Simply looking up is mesmerizing and seeing it all up close is even better than from afar. Each time I visit the city I find myself more and more enchanted with the wonderful structures that there are to be found. Next time you're wondering around your home city, look up. You'll see a new, peaceful yet magnificent side of your home you've never seen before. 

xo Lizzy

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