22 March 2016


God 18 felt like such a trek. All my friends have been adults for a while, going out to clubs without me, drinking without me, doing lots. Without me. But my time has come and so far, adulthood is fan-bloody-tastic. Don't get me wrong, childhood was cool. Being a teenager was kinda meh, but I now have this sudden sense of independence and i-can-do-anything-ness that I'm really starting to love. 

Everything seems to be coming up roses lately. Starting uni has been this entirely new experience and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I love doing subjects that I'm interested in, and meeting people with similar interests. There are so few rules, and you have total control of what happens during your time there, and it's so, so great.  Since starting uni, I've started to feel a little better about myself and like I can do so much more. I feel more confident socially, I feel more confident in my own abilities, and have started to care slightly less about things I shouldn't even have been worrying about in the first place. 

I've met so many new and different people at university and it's kinda strange. My high school was pretty diversified - we had people who travelled from all over Sydney everyday to get to school and had a tonne of boarders from all different parts of the state - but we all seemed to be pretty similar in someway. Going to university, I've met people from places I've never really met people from before and people whose lives seem completely different to mine. I was speaking to a new friend who surprised me the other day by saying she had never really caught public transport before uni...it's crazy how I never realised how different it is living in inner Sydney. People always tell you "oh, you'll absolutely love uni!", but you'd never think going to school could be this enjoyable!

I hope things are peachy for you, I hope things are going to plan, and I hope you're having fun. 

Ministry of Sound @ UTS Underground

xo Lizzy