16 December 2016


Every morning i wake to the blissful sounds of fast cars, airplanes flying overhead and, if i'm reeeeally lucky, our neighbours two streets away playing the bagpipes at 8am. It's just one of the amazing perks of city life. 

I love Sydney. I love the sense of multiculturalism, the arts culture, the beautiful beaches and harbours, etc. etc. etc. However sometimes you just need a break from a hustle. Mum has decided to move to the snowy mountains so we went down there for a mini camping trip to look at a couple properties. Annual ski trips here I coooooooome!!!!!

We camped in Dalgety, the loveliest little town on the Snowy River about half an hour out of Jindabyne. The scenery is something out of a fairytale book.

Chilling at Lake Jindabyne.

Although the fresh Snowy River water was doing wanders for Elton's coat, he was scaring off the platypus...nooooooooo come baaaack

5am country sunrises. 

There was a big bike race coming through the town - ba-dum-tish

Camping with the Troopie makes for an awesome time.

Lizzy xo