3 January 2017


holy moly.  we're finally in 2017. It's bumming me out because now I have to think really hard when I talk about time and my head is just not cool with it. We ended the year with bright reflections chilling on an empty harbour, an exhausting run to try and make the fireworks (only to have to settle for whatever explosions poked their head out above buildings) and a midnight drive to the soundtrack of absolutely fabulous. 

2016 was awesome. I mean, if you ignore the fact that Donald Trump somehow made it into the United States government, the singer of some of my favourite songs ever passed away (Bowie <3),  a gorilla meme invaded my social media (ugh), etc, etc. Uni has been the best thing to happen in a while. I started the year in a course I picked on a whim because I didn't get the results I wanted, and it worked out just fine and dandy. I partied until I couldn't distinguish between fact and fiction, improved my skiing abilities (and got myself stranded on a blue run, but lets not go there), met some fab people and scored an awesome summer job. 2017's gonna be a big one, and Im totally ready for it. Come at me bro. (this morning i found a chocolate in my bag and it was in edible condition so it's already off to a great start!)

courtesy of sonia :)

xo Lizzy

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